We all like a happy ending, but the ending of this wonderful book – Matching Baggage – is no cliché! Before reaching the author’s insightful conclusions we’ve read her searingly honest and penetrating analysis of relationships with friends and lovers over many years – from school and university days to mature adulthood.

This isn’t the first book that Monique has written, capturing her experiences in various areas of her life – think Fragments of Home; think Keeping Mum; think Inch by Inch. They, as well as the songs that she has written and performed over the years, bear witness to her honesty about her life, her pain, her questions, her at times naïve optimism as well as her courage to do the hard, hard work of healing from childhood abuse. 

How generously Monique has shared the lessons she has learned in her life!

– Mary Lou Ridsdale, November 2023


I wanted to let you know that I read your book recently on a train trip to and from Goulburn! I must say it is quite compelling reading!

Thank-you for being so honest and open about your life and in so doing encouraging us all to be open and vulnerable with each other. I really admire and appreciate more than anything your determination and courage to follow your path of healing to uncover and find your authentic self.

I am so glad that you and David 'found' each other. I sense you not only have matching 'baggage' but matching 'gift' to offer this world! It’s a much better world having you both in it!

– Rosanne Arnott, November 2023