Judd Field

Judd FieldJudd Field has worked as backing vocalist for the Madden Brothers, Tones and I, X-Factor Australia, and Australia’s Got Talent. 

He has also sung lead vocals for Dancing with the Stars and the Singing Bee TV show.

You name it, he’s probably sung it!

As well as general lead and backing vocals, Judd specialises in adding moving ad-lib lines, the soaring counter-melodies over last choruses, adding passion, soul and vibe to a song.

He is a lead vocalist in many bands, live events and TV shows in Australia.

He has worked as a studio vocalist for 25 years, doing everything from voiceovers, to comedy singing, to radio and TV Ads, to full album projects, performing both lead and backing vocals for numerous artists and producers.

As the Choir Director and songwriter for the Melbourne Gospel Choir, he has a great ear for harmonies and creative backing vocal ideas, including in their annual performances at Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

More information can be found on Judd's Facebook page.